Tips on How to Take Care of Your Newborn

It is a must that every family with a newborn must be prepared ahead of time. It can be very chaotic in the first couple of weeks with the newborn. Many parents admit that they feel like they have been hit by something really heavy when they have the baby, but at the same time, they feel more happy to have the baby with them. The same way will happen to you too. Below are some tips from experienced parents to going-to-be parents that will help you get your day smoothly. At least, it will lessen your burden of worrying what to do next.

Nursing Your Baby

Expect that your baby will eat all the time, but not the eating that adults normally do. They will breastfeed, and they will ask for it - which is something mothers know about. Nature has already provided you the right equipment to do the job; it will be quite difficult and challenging from what you have expected. Nursing can be quite overwhelming than you might think.

Nursing Your Baby
  • Don’t hesitate to seek help from others who have more experience than you. Expert says that women who seek advice and help from others have a higher success rate. You must think of ways to make sure that you get successful even before you give birth. Talk with your friends who have good experience with nursing.
  • You can also use resources from the hospital, too. While you are still in the hospital after giving birth, you will learn almost everything about breastfeeding there. You can also inquire if there are any lactation consultant that can help you or nursing classes you can attend. When you are ready to feed your baby, push the button the call the nurse. You can ask your nurse to offer you any advice about nursing.
  • When you get home, you will immediately drop everything the moment your baby cries out for you. However, it is a good idea to take care of yourself first. Drink a glass of water and read something. Breastfeeding can take a while, so you should pee first.
  • When your breasts get blocked ducts or engorged for some reason, use a warm compress. A wet washcloth also works, too, but it is even better if you got a flat pillow. Heat them in the microwave and place them over your breast.
  • Heat will also help the milk flow out of your breast, but a cold pack is best when you your breasts feel sore after breastfeeding.
  • If you want your baby to take the bottle, you only need to introduce it after you have established breastfeeding, not after you have fully breastfed them for 3 months. Many specialists say from 6 to 8 weeks is good, but many mothers say that they started introducing the bottle one bottle a day at 3 weeks.


Other than your baby’s routine with eating, they also sleep a lot, too. Newborns can sleep as long as 16 hours each day, but this only goes in short bursts. And the result for this with parents, especially mothers, is that they are always on constant alert. You should also expect to be exhausted a lot than you can ever be in your life. Some mothers even experience a severe lack of sleep.

  • The first thing you need to keep in mind about sleeping is that you need to stop over thinking about how tired you are. Your only goal as of the moment is to take care of your newborn. You will never get a full night sleep, so you will often feel tired, angry or both.
  • It is also advisable that you take shifts with your husband. If your husband is usually out for work, you can work up a schedule with him wherein it is his turn to rock the baby. You can have them do all the morning care while you take your sleep.
  • It also helps a lot if you sleep together with your baby. This means that when your baby sleeps, you sleep in with your baby, too. It will help you to go to bed early, too.
  • If your baby has trouble sleeping, it is your job to do whatever it takes to make sure your baby does get the sleep he or she needs. Either your rock or nurse your baby back to sleep. Avoid letting your baby fall asleep on your chest or in the seat of your car. You do not need to worry about the worst habits to come. This is about survival, and it will be yours.

Soothing Your Baby

It can be quite difficult to understand what your baby wants, especially the first few weeks. Don’t worry; you will learn - through trial and error.

Soothing Your Baby
  • One of the keys to soothe your baby is to follow the behavior of the womb. Swinging, shushing, and swaddling, even allowing your baby to suck and hold them with their sides can trigger a calming effect to them.
  • Aren’t movies depicting babies always about playing or humming them tunes? It doesn’t matter whether the baby is going to get smart with the right tune, as long as it is going to calm him. And of course, it is your job to find the right tune that will calm him.
  • You will also need some other tricks, as well. Do the lunges and deep knee bends while holding your baby. It will calm your baby down. There are mothers who find this helpful to them since they got their legs back into shape.
  • When everything else fails, try taking a warm bath together with your baby. Not only will your baby be able to relax, but it will also calm your baby.

Keep in mind that you are not alone in experiencing the challenges of taking care of your baby. It is going to be rough up until a moment that your baby can walk on his own. But all your efforts will be rewarded when you see your baby’s smile.


Just like many moms around the world, I love my baby and want what is best for my child!

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