Some Useful Tips to Make Your Baby Laugh

For every mom and dad, entertaining your little one is a very big thing and makes him or her smile. Making a baby laugh is really a big task for everyone because they are not adults to laugh for the jokes or something like that. When you would like to know how to make your baby laugh, it is better going through these expert tips. This is because making your baby smiling involves in various things suggested by the doctors.

how to make your baby laugh

Some tips to make your child laugh:

Usually, your child is copying you at all the times. When it is a 3 months baby, you have to follow some effective tips recommended by the baby doctors. Mirror neurons are special brain cells that hard wire your baby to imitate all your actions. Thus, when you smile, your baby will also smile similarly. The moms and dads should often smile in front of your child to make him or her smiling. Even though it is a simple task and you artificially smile for the child, your baby will definitely laugh from the bottom of the heart.

This daily laughing practice can surely make your new born happy and healthy at all the times. If you have a 6 months old baby, you can make use of the soft toys and impressive colored toys to make your child laugh. Toys are always the favorite things to the babies so it will definitely make your baby smile. In the modern times, you can also show funny youtube videos to your little one to be always happy. While watching funny online videos, you need to smile and then your baby will also smile by imitating you.

Tips: A good electric baby swing can help you to make your baby smile.

Other tips to make your baby smile:

When you have a baby aging more than 1 year, you don’t need to confuse on how to make your baby laugh because you can use following tips.

  • The parents need to blow some bubbles into a glass of water using a straw. It will definitely a funny experience and make your child laugh.
  • Attach the suction-cup toy to your forehead and talk in the funny voice. All funny things will make the babies smile from the heart.
  • Take the helium balloons and have some fun with the child by leaving them on the air.
  • You can also make the raisin box whistle to create a funny event in front of your baby. Use the empty raisins box and end cup moth at the opening to tightly close it. With the tight opening, no air will escape from the box and blow.
  • Keep up the wiggling and giggling by playing to tickle yourself and also laugh to make your baby laugh.

You have to remember that everything you do is in front of the child’s eyes. Other than these tips, you can also try something unique and potentially funny to make your baby laugh from the bottom of the heart.


Just like many moms around the world, I love my baby and want what is best for my child!

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