Graco Glider Gliding Swing, Allison Review


Graco is known for making quality baby products and Glider gliding swing claims to feature some very interesting and impressive features. The Glider gliding swing comes with some pretty impressive key features as well which allows the baby to remain comfortable and soothed throughout the day. The swing sways in a very soothing motion which is comforting for the baby and facilitates the sleep. The cute and compact model hardly takes and space and can use two methods to power its swing and other features – plug-in and batteries. It has a weight limit of 30 pounds which means it can easily accommodate larger and older babies. The swing is available in six different speeds which means you can let your baby relax in the soothing sway or feel more entertained at a much higher one!

Main features

The main features of Graco Glider gliding swing Allison include the following:

  • Gentle soothing motion
  • Uses 40 percent less space than other leading models
  • Can use plug-in and batteries for power
  • Six-speed settings
  • Roomy seat


The Glider gliding swing comes with many impressive features which allow the baby to sleep peacefully and the parents to relax a lot more often. These features are:

  • Its gentle soothing motion
    • The lowest speed at which the swing can sway is very soothing and gentle.
    • For a good night’s sleep, the speed is perfect!
  • Roomy and support for more weight
    • The seat of the cradle is very large and roomy. Also, it can support a big child who is as heavy as 30 pounds!
    • Perfect for long term use and those who want to use it for bigger babies.
  • Very compact
    • The cradle swing is very compact and occupies very little space.
    • You can easily store it in your house!
  • Six speed settings
    • The speed settings range from a gentle sway to rocking fast which are perfect for different babies!


Some features of the Graco Glider do not live up to the claims and in fact, cause some minor disturbances. These include:

  • Short straps
    • The straps can be tad short for some babies.
  • Expensive
    • The cradle is expensive when compared to many others in the market.
  • Tricky to set up
    • It can be tricky to set the Graco Glider up and may take a little more patience and time.

Video about this product


To conclude, Graco Glider is quite an impressive model which offers some great features. Its gentle motion is very soothing for the baby and its impressive collection of numerous song pieces from different genres are interesting for both the baby as well as the parent! However, it can be slightly tricky to set up which means most people will have to spend a little more time than they would like to spend.


Just like many moms around the world, I love my baby and want what is best for my child!

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