Graco DuetSoothe Swing + Rocker, Sapphire Review


Graco DuetSoothe Swing Rocker is a cradle which comes with a removable infant seat, 3 seating positions for the baby, rocker carry handle, and two-speed settings to manage how fast your baby swings and rocks. The product also comes with two options to run it – plug-in and batteries. The swing also plays 10 musical melodies to entertain the baby and 5 nature sounds to soothe him or her. The toys that hover over the baby’s head also prove to be very entertaining and fascinating for the little one. It doubles as a rocker which proves to be quite handy for parents.

Main features

The main features of this multi-tasking baby product are as follows:

  • Three seating positions for sway and swinging
  • Dual purpose swing
  • Carry along handle
  • Plug and batteries for power

Graco DuetSoothe Swing Rocker Review


The DuetSoothe Swing Rocker is an impressive product which proves to be very helpful for babies and parents alike. It comes with many pros which enable the parent to soothe and relax their child. These are:

  • 5 point harness to secure the baby
    • The swinging rocker is very secure and safe. Its 5 point harness technology is reliable and very easy to put on.
  • Three swinging positions
    • You can set the swing to move back and forth or side to side depending on what he or she prefers.
    • The 3 positions include facing left, facing right, and straight. This is helpful to place your baby in a comfortable position a lot more easily.
  • 15 different melodies and sounds
    • The product comes with 10 melodies and 5 nature sounds to entertain and soothe the baby.


There are many impressive features which make DuetSoothe Swing Rocker a seemingly nice choice but it is not as good as it seems. The cons of this product are:

  • Loud and weak motor
    • The motor tends to get loud and start creaking after a few months.
  • Not very portable
    • The swing can be moved over small distances but is not exactly portable.
  • Heavy rocker
    • The rocker is heavy and difficult to carry around.
  • Better products are available at cheaper prices
    • You can find much better and more sophisticated baby cradles at similar and even lesser prices!


All in all, DuetSoothe Swing Rocker is a decent product which seems to work well for the first few months of its life. However, it is tad expensive when compared to other products in the market which seem to work better and offer more features than this one. The not so durable and slightly noisy motor is also quite disappointing. The claim that it doubles up as a portable rocker also seems weak because of how heavy it is. There are better products out there which are much better and not as expensive either.


Just like many moms around the world, I love my baby and want what is best for my child!

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