How You Can Give Your Baby a Nice Haircut with Minimal Fuss

Babies are bundles of joy that we all love and appreciate. Baby boys are fun and highly entertaining with their adorable antics. Due to their rough and tumble nature, baby boys require constant attention lest they find themselves in harm's way. This attention extends to their grooming. It is important to ensure that your baby boy's hair is kept neat and well-cut. Seeing as they rarely sit still for five minutes at a time, it can be an uphill task to cut his hair. Thankfully, here are some tips for cutting your baby boy's hair at home.

​Get All The Cutting Equipment Together

​To cut your baby boy's hair, there is some equipment which you require. Firstly, get some scissors or the best barber clippers. If your baby boy is well over a year old, the clippers are alright. However, if he is one year old or younger, clippers are not advisable. The buzzing and vibration can actually frighten him. In addition to these, get a baby hair brush, a comb, and a large bib. The large bib will collect the hair which falls as you give him a haircut. It is ideal for the job because you can fasten it firmly on him and it won't come off. You can also get a broom to sweep away his hair after you are done with the haircut session.

​Find a Comfortable Place for Your Baby Boy to Sit

​Baby boys are well known for their restlessness and squirmy nature. They can never sit in one spot for more than a few minutes before they want to scamper off in search of adventure. Thus, cutting your baby boy's hair requires that you find a comfortable place he can sit and distract him long enough to give you the time to cut it. A great place to have him sit is in his Bumbo. This seat holds him firmly in place. Some Bumbos usually have a seat belt which can further hold your little boy in place as you cut his hair. The Bumbo allows you easy access to the front and back of his head so as to help you cut his hair easily. It can also have a toy attached to its front for distracting him.

​Dress Your Baby Appropriately for the Haircut

​It is always advisable to dress them in light clothing that does not have collars. If he wears clothing which has collars, they are likely to collect some of his hair as you cut it. This leads to a more tedious process of cleaning him up afterwards. Thus, the best outfit for a haircut is a onesie. It is cool, comfortable and does not have any pockets or spaces through which hair can get underneath. It is also easy to take off for cleaning after you are done.

​Have Someone to Assist You in the Task

​Giving a home haircut to a baby boy is definitely a two-person job. One person should distract the baby while the other cuts his hair. You can start off cutting your baby's hair while your partner distracts him. Once you get halfway, you can exchange roles and your partner will finish up the rest. As you cut your baby boy's hair, the other person can hold his head still and keep him from touching the tools. If they do a good job of this, the haircut should not take too long.

​Cut Your Baby Boy's Hair Vertically

​To give an even haircut all round, you should hold your baby's hair in tufts between your forefinger and your middle finger. Lift them straight up while exposing a centimeter or so on the upper part of your hand. Proceed to use the scissors to snip this exposed length in a quick horizontal motion. Begin by cutting the hair that is located in the most noticeable part of their head. After that, you can move on to other less noticeable areas such as the sides and the back.


​These tips can help you to give your little boy a nice haircut at home. Not only does this help you to save money, it offers a great opportunity to bond with your baby boy. Always observe safety first. Make sure all the tools you are using are sterile and maintain a clean environment around him as you cut his hair.

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