Fisher-Price Snugabunny Cradle ‘N Swing with Smart Swing Technology review


For any parent, having a cradle for their little baby is a must. You could either go for any cradle you come across or give yourself the benefit of owning one which will not just swing your baby from side to side but do a lot more than that. Snugabunny Cradle ‘N Swing is a swing which is more than just a swing. It comes with Smart Swing technology which will not just rock your baby, it will also entertain him or her! The product comes with a swing, a machine washable seat cover, and an AC adapter to charge the batteries.


Main features

Sungabunny Cradle ‘N Swing is a very flexible product which lets you combine a variety of available features to create something your baby will love. These features are:

  • It has two swinging motions: rock baby and side to side swing. This gives parents flexibility if the baby likes one type of motion better than the other.
  • It comes with Smart Swing technology which allows you to choose from 6 different speeds!
  • The cradle comes with 16 different songs and also plays soothing nature sounds to entertain and soothe the baby.
  • You can insert Fisher-Price Snugabunny body insert and bunny ears to offer your baby extra support.


Snugabunny Cradle ‘N Swing comes with numerous features with all of them having a distinct advantage over others. Here are some of the reasons why people love this swing so much!

  • The Smart Swing Technology
    • The Smart Swing Technology allows you to maneuver through a range of speeds to find the perfect swing for your baby.
    • The swing also senses the weight of the baby so the speeds don’t slow down for bigger ones.
  • Battery Life
    • The battery life of the device is 4 hours and can be easily charged.
  • Easily washable seat
    • The machine washable seat can be taken out easily and washed just as easily.
  • Battery powered as well as can use adapter
    • You can use both modes of power for the swing according to where the cradle is.


The product does not have any significant cons. It is possible that some people might find the motor noisier than what they ideally expect and experience some other difficulties in case they receive a defective product. Apart from this, Snugabunny Cradle ‘N Swing is an excellent product which will let tired parents sleep and relax more often and easily.


Fisher-Price Snugabunny is definitely a brilliant product which offers many features. It is comfortable for the baby and holds them in the exact position you want them in. The product has helped many babies sleep much more easily which has led to parents being able to relax a lot more. The covers can be easily washed which is also very helpful. All in all, it is a great and durable cradle and a must buy for your little one.


Just like many moms around the world, I love my baby and want what is best for my child!

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